Mivan shuttering is a fast-paced construction technique which offers strength and durability to a building by use of aluminium formworks. With a growing focus on affordable homes and “Housing for All”, real estate stakeholders are increasingly emphasising on the use of new and innovative construction techniques.


1. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to detail the Procedure for MIVAN shuttering works as per the approved details. The documentation will apply to all Engineers, Workmen, QC personnel and other concerned persons associated with the work.

2. Scope of Work

This Procedure covers plant and tools, manpower requirements erection/installation works of formworks, and quality control to be followed on the site.

The scope of work consists of:

  • Storage of materials
  • Setting out and Survey works
  • Installation of Formworks and supports
  • Deshuttering works.

3. References

  • Drawings and any other relevant/applicable documents.
  • Project technical specifications
  • Respective Indian standards
  • Inspection and test plan for Concrete work

4. Materials

Material associated with this Procedure is Mivan shuttering formwork approved using in typical floors

The basic element of the formwork is the panel, which is an extruded aluminum rail section, welded to an aluminum sheet. This produces a lightweight panel with an excellent stiffness to weight ratio, yielding minimal deflection under concrete loading. Panels are manufactured in the size and shape to suit the requirements of specific projects. The panels are made from high strength aluminum alloy with a 4 mm thick skin plate and 6mm thick ribbing behind to stiffen the panels.

4.1 Wall Components

1) Wall Panel: – It forms the face of the wall. It is an Aluminium sheet properly cut to fit the exact size of the wall.


2) Rocker: – It is a supporting component of wall. It is L-shaped panel having allotment holes for stub pin.

3) Kicker: – It forms the wall face at the top of the panels and acts as a ledge to support.


4) Stub Pin: – It helps in joining two wall panels. It helps in joining two joints.


4.2 Beam Components:

1) Beam Side Panel: – It forms the side of the beams. It is a rectangular structure and is cut according to the size of the beam.


2) Prop Head for Soffit Beam: – It forms the soffit beam. It is a V-shaped head for easy dislodging of the formwork.


3) Beam Soffit Panel: – It supports the soffit beam. It is a plain rectangular structure of aluminum.

4) Beam Soffit Bulkhead: – It is the bulkhead for beam. It carries most of the bulk load.

4.3 Deck Components

1) Deck Panel: – It forms the horizontal surface for casting of slabs. It is built for proper safety of workers.

2) Deck Prop: – It forms a V-shaped prop head. It supports the deck and bears the load coming on the deck panel.

3) Prop Length: – It is the length of the prop. It depends upon the length of the slab.

4) Deck Mid – Beam: – It supports the middle portion of the beam. It holds the concrete

5) Soffit Length: – It provides support to the edge of the deck panels at their perimeter of the room.

6) Deck Beam Bar: – It is the deck for the beam. This component supports the deck and beam.

4.4 Other Components

1) Internal Soffit Corner: – It forms the vertical internal corner between the walls and the beams, slabs, and the horizontal internal cornice between the walls and the beam slabs and the beam soffit.

2) External Soffit Corner: – It forms the external corner between the components

3) External Corner: – It forms the external corner of the formwork system.

4) Internal Corner: – It connects two pieces of vertical formwork pieces at their exterior intersections.

5. Material Delivery & Storage

All MivanFormowrk shall be delivered as per the project requirements and must be stored in a designated area allotted for the same. Material shall be stored in such a way that the least effort/ distance to shift the materials to the required locations. Meanwhile Contractor can submit a logistic plant for the same

6. Manpower

Project Engineer, Site Engineers, Supervisors, Foreman and helpers.

7. Safety Precautions

Safety of the personnel and properties is to be given prime importance and all works to be carried out without causing any accidents or property damanges. Activities associated with the Mivan shuttering works are

  1. Storage
  2. Transportation
  3. Installation and fixing
  4. Shifting of formwork to the site
  5. Removal of work

Adequate access and egress shall be provided in the site for carrying out the work in a safe manner. All personnel shall wear basic personnel protective equipment. All the tools, tackles, equipment being used for the works shall be in good working condition and well maintained.

  • The only authorized person shall handle the activities.
  • Daily toolbox talks with workers involved with Mivan shuttering works.
  • Use of proper handrails, edge protection and safety nets for the works in external walls and peripheries.

9. Equipment and Tools Use

Panel puller, wall tie puller, Steel tape, alignment thread, Auto level instrument, right angle, wire brush, wooden mallet.

10. Typical Wall and Slab Assembly

11. Work procedure

The panels are held in position by a simple pin and wedge system that passes through holes in the outside rib of each panel. The panels fit precisely and securely with no bracings required. Activities and resultant works can be proceeded easily with even unskilled labour using hammer being the only tool required with proper supervision. Once the panels have been numbered, measuring is not necessary too. As the erection process is carried out manually, tower cranes are not required other than for shifting.

Remaining Sections

11. 1 Assembly Work

11.1.1 Levels &Marking

11.1.2 Application Of Form Release Agent

11.1.3 Wall Formwork Assembly:

11.1.4 The sequence of the pins installation:

11.1.5 Installation of raking shore

11.1.6 Installation of raking shore

11.1.7 Beam& Slab Formworks Assembly

11.1.8 Kicker Assembly

11.2 Illustrative Example

12. Inspection and Acceptance:

13. Concreting:

14. Dismantling:

14.1 Wall Formwork Dismantling

14.2 Beam & Slab Formwork Dismantling

14.3 Flat Tie Dismantling

15. Inspection Checklist

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