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So far there is no replacement for concrete in civil construction industry and may not be in the near future. Civil Engineer’s professional life in construction is all about different types of concrete and its placement for many. Many factors are there which affects the production and use of concrete. Here is the most basic guideline for the concrete work as a Method Statement for everyone to use as only slight modification is necessary depends on the project requirements.

method statement concreting

1. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to detail the Procedure for structural concreting work on site.  This procedure applies to all concrete work of permanent structure except lean concrete to be used as structural fill and backfill. The documentation will apply to all Engineers, Workmen, QC personnel, and other concerned persons associated with the work.

2. Scope of Work

This Procedure covers plant and tools, manpower requirements erection/installation works for Substructure and Superstructure. This may also include necessary MEP installations to be incorporated in the structure prior to start of concreting as necessary according to approved Good for Construction drawings and other contractual obligations.

3. References

  • Drawings and any other relevant/applicable documents.
  • Project technical specifications
  • Respective Indian standards
  • Material / Mix approvals
  • Project Quality Plan (PQP)
  • Inspection and test plan for Concrete work
  • Project HSE Plan

4. Materials

Material associated with this Procedure is concrete of different grades depends on the approved details (Mix design) for each separate structural element. Mix designs are prepared based on the specifications/contractual requirements and shall be approved by the consultant.

Normally concrete will be supplied by established Ready Mixed Companies termed as Ready Mixed Concrete (Hereinafter termed as RMC) and this shall be approved by the concerned authorities well in advance prior to commencement of the work giving enough time frame for completing the formalities as specified in the respective ITP like preparation of mix design and trial mix and its testing etc.

method statement concreting concrete truck

5. Material delivery

The concerned person in charge of the project team (Site/Project Engineer, Supervisor, etc)    shall coordinate with RMC plant for the delivery of the concrete as per the schedule at the sampling area so that trucks will report for mandatory formalities prior to pouring of concrete. These shall be checking the workability (Slump/Flow) test and making cubes for the compressive strength test.

6. Manpower

  • Project Manager
  • Construction Manager                                
  • Project Engineer
  • QA/QC Engineer / Inspector
  • Safety Engineer/Officer
  • Lab Technicians
  • Foremen/Work Supervisor
  • Equipment Operators
  • Skilled and unskilled labourers.

7. Safety Precautions

Project Safety in charge to ensure that all measures related to the nature of work, location of the pour are in place and have been conveyed to all the team members who are involved with the concreting activity. This must be maintained throughout the completion of the activity.

Safety in charge shall coordinate with the Project manager to necessary permits (Like a Height work permit, special permission for concreting in odd hours if required, etc) as and when necessary, as part of the contractual obligations are in place and is signed off before the start of the work.

A working platform will be erected around the columns and top of the slab for safe and efficient concrete works. Proper access for the laborers and equipment will be provided to the place of concrete.

Safety signboards, proper lighting arrangements, housekeeping of the area are to be maintained properly by the safety in charge in coordination with the site team. All the machinery will be checked for its maintenance records

7.1 Safety Precautions – Hoisting Safety (In case cranes are to be used of pouring through buckets)

  • There must be professional personnel in tower crane to coordinate work, trained signal man during the execution of work.  
  • Check the wire rope strengthened or not

8. Equipment and Tools Used (Mention whichever applicable for the project)

  • Concrete transit mixers.
  • Concrete pump and stand-by.
  • Mobile crane / tower crane.
  • Vibrators with stand-by.
  • Masonry trowels and other hand tools.
  • Light projectors and Stand-by generator.
  • Placing Boom & Extension Pipeline.
  • Air Compressor.
concrete placing boom - method statement concreting

9. Responsibility

The Project Manager/Construction Manager shall be responsible for the overall implementation of this procedure. He shall ensure that the concerned personnel related to the concreting activity like RMC suppliers, Lab in charge, team members on the site, sub-contractors if any understand the relevant points in this Method Statement.

He shall ensure all the equipment required to execute the works according to the construction program are available, in good condition, and provide any additional equipment as and when required. Guide specific attention to all safety measures in coordination with the safety officer/engineer.

He is responsible for the coordination with the Construction Manager, Project Engineer, Safety Engineer, Foreman and Surveyor for safe and proper execution of the works and to ensure that all the quality requirement as per the approved plan is carried out and signed off.

The construction Manager/ Project Engineer will ensure that the Resources are available to carry out the works as scheduled. They shall be liable to execute this work as explained and/or as per approved Shop Drawings and other relevant details.

The Surveyor/Site Engineer/Supervisor is responsible for Setting out the area for providing and controlling the lines and levels as per the approved details.

The QA/QC Engineer/ QC inspector is responsible to ensure that the work performed follows the approved method statement, Inspection Test Plans & other applicable requirements. He shall ensure that all documentation such as Inspection requests, checklists and any other details prevailing with project requirements and/or Project Quality Plans are signed off as and when required.

The Safety Officer is responsible to ensure that all safety precautions are in place and that all personal on-site are using the required Personal Protective Equipment’s like – Helmet, Gloves, Shoes, and Coveralls. He shall need to comply with all relevant permissions before the start of the activities.

Foremen/ Works Supervisor shall ensure works are progressed in the sequence as agreed with the Project Manager and/or as per the Method statement. He shall coordinate with RMC supplied for the timely delivery of concrete. Planning for the correct number of workforce and equipment and types of machinery to complete the works satisfactorily and ensuring the same must be taken care of. Full-time supervision during the complete activities to ensure that the works are progressing to the latest approved construction drawings and specifications.

10. Work procedure

(There are a variety of structural members with concrete in construction, thereby it is practically a difficult task to generalize the Method Statement for Reinforced Concrete works. This document is a guideline that covers most of the requirements for this activity and users are requested to modify this with addition or deletion depends upon the project)

10.1 Work procedure – Reinforcement works.

10.2 Embedded Items.

10.3 Formwork.

10.4 Joints.

10.5 Preparation For Concreting.

10. 6 Concrete Requisition.

10. 7 Concrete Pre-placement Procedure.

10.8 Placing of Concrete.

10.9 Procedure for compaction of concrete.

11. Work procedure – Post Pour works.

12. Work procedure – Concrete Repair.

13. Work procedure – Verification Records.

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