concrete work itp

Concrete and Concrete work are most talked about subject or material in the construction industry across the globe. Technology helped to create concrete with different properties and with other benefits, but the basic nature remains more or less same. Basically without dealing with concrete and its associated works, a Civil Engineer’s life may not move forward. Hence this document – The Inspection and Test Plan for Concrete Work – acts as a dictionary for reference any time.

concrete work itp

Concrete has its use in many structural elements. So users shall make necessary changes as per the project requirements by referring to specifications, contract documents, typical details provided with the approved drawings, etc. An illustrative figure to understand the basic structure is given at the end of this page.

What is an Inspection and Test Plan or ITP

Inspection and Test plans and checklists are an integral part of quality management systems not only in construction but in almost every industry where Quality Management systems are in place. It is considered to be master documents through which different parameters and actions of a process or activity would be monitored and recorded which play a vital part during the verification later or in simple terms during auditing.

In the construction industry, where there are a lot of activities, for a variety of trades such as structural, Finishes, Façade, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, etc. are to be completed spanning across excavation for the foundation to handing over stage, thereby Preparation and implementation of different inspection test plans form the most crucial part of the project management system. To read more about ITP and how to prepare one CLICK HERE

Inspection and Test Plan For Concrete Work


This part deals with the review and approval requirements of necessary documents pertaining to the concrete works. These shall be mainly drawings, mix design, materials (reinforcement, couplers), Method Statement, Formworks drawings etc.


The next important stage in the ITP for concrete work is the inspection of installed reinforcement works. These include the size and number of main and secondary rebars – where it is fixed, the stirrups, links and hooks details, anchorage and lap lengths, coupler location, and tightness. In some cases the size of the columns changes from one level to another where the changes in main reinforcement in the form of curtailing will be done which is critical and to be verified as per the approved details, In addition to these fixing other embedments and other MEP fixing and installations also part of the inspection.


During this stage the different aspects of erection of formwork for the said concrete work is inspected. These includes but not limited to the setting out marked for the particular structural element for which the concrete work is inspected along with the check for Shuttering alignment, Plumb, Staging / Bra+B17:B22cings / Supports / Water Tightness. Access to the place where the work is in progress also important from the safety point. Refer full ITP for concrete work for other points.


This part is critical as any lapses in this section causes many type non-conformance even after many days ie, when the result of cube strength at 28 days may fail to meet the required one. Many construction sites have a particular sampling area or at site laboratory where all the concrete trucks report for sampling before it sends to the required location. After reporting the respective person in charge will ensure the concrete arrived is as per the approved mix design ordered for the particular element after reviewing the delivery ticket and batch sheet. During sampling, the temperature of concrete and slump or flow will be measured. Cubes also will be prepared as per the requirement.


While concrete work is on going proper supervision shall be available in order to ensure that the placing of concrete, compaction (vibration) of the same and the continuity of operation of concrete is as per the agreed details/prevailing details for the project and/or standards and specification. Treatment of construction joints is another major point to be taken care of.


Once the concreting work is completed and the structure is ready to check the exposed areas it shall be checked for the attained finish of the same. Any defects, honeycombs shall be reported to the concerned authority. Lines, levels, and shape are also checked. Check for stripping/ removal of formwork support etc. after a specified duration of stripping also critical. This ITP contains a particular format that can be used to approve deshuttering in large projects where proper supervision is necessary or mandatory.

Download full customizable ITP for Concrete Work

Refer to the below picture to learn tips on How to Customize the ITP based on Project Requirements

concrete work itp

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