Non conformance procedure

What is an NCR or Non-Conformance Report

Non Conformance Procedure Report or NCRs is one of the fundamental requirements of ISO 9001 standards. Ensuring quality – whether it is a product or a service – is one of the primary objectives of the ISO 9000 Quality Management system thereby achieving customer satisfaction. Hence it is very important to identify the non-conformity(ies), its corrective actions, and consequently a solution to find preventive action to avoid its recurrence.

Non Conformance Report or NCRs In Construction Industry

Non Conformance can happen in the construction industry at many stages and in many scenarios at which time NCR shall be raised based on the organization’s approved Non Conformance Procedure. Few instances are given below but it definitely not limited to these only. Refer to NON CONFORMANCE REPORT OR NCRs in the Construction Industry for more details

This post is a summary of Non Conformance Procedure, Download the full page from the link at the end of this post


  1. To identify, segregate and dispose non-conforming material and construction.
  • To prevent use of the non-conforming material in construction and installation
  • To carry out root cause analysis of non-conformance for materials, construction and installation and recommend corrective/preventive action in case of repetitive non-conformances.
  • To implement corrective/preventive action.
  • To ensure that any material supplied, or work performed by contractor or its subcontractors/suppliers which are of substandard quality is detected and the subsequent disposition is documented.
  • To record resolvable issues on site that are minor in nature but deemed to be fit enough to bring it into the notice of concerned parties/contractor through Project Instructions.
Non Conformance procedure


The procedure shall be applicable to all items, equipment, processes, services/situations, departmental functions found to be non-conforming to the documented procedures/work instructions, contractual requirements or to the specification, in respect of any one or more characteristics, and shall be dealt with the documented procedure, so as to ensure that the non-conforming activity is prevented from unintended use or installation/construction.


ISO 9000 system requirements

Organization and Key resposnsibilities

All personnel involved at different levels/disciplines with respect to the are responsible for the implementation of this procedure. Personnel involved in the implementation of the project shall,

  1. Study Inspection Test Plan, Specification, Contract documents and Method Statement carefully before execution;
  • Collaborate in preventive measures to avoid occurrence of and recurrence of a non-conformance.
  • Detect Non-conformance
  • Undertake quick responsive action whenever need arises.

All Personnel associated with the activities have the responsibility of identifying and detecting non-conformances for Quality System Implementation matters. QA Department is responsible for the issue and verification of NCR and QM is responsible for the approval and disposition of NCR.  For Design related matters Design Coordinator will be responsible for the disposal of Non-conforming & approval of the disposition of NRC.

Non Conformance Procedure

Discrepancies observed during surveillance, inspection, and testing shall be recorded as NCRs. This may be completed works or work processes (i.e. welding, surface treatment) which do not comply with the contract specifications or drawings, and which cannot be corrected promptly upon discovery.

When the non-conformances are detected, care shall be taken to prevent further process with stoppage of works where nonconformance is of a serious nature and until corrective action is implemented. If possible, the works or the item shall be marked with a Non-Conformance label.

Upon identification that any permanent works or materials do not meet the specified requirements, the QM shall decide if the item can be corrected promptly and, if possible, take action to rectify and record the action on the relevant Inspection Record. If the item cannot be corrected promptly in accordance with the approved specifications or drawings, it is to be identified as a non-conformance and an NCR is then raised by the QM (NCR form to be prepared)

If the NCR is related to defective material, this material shall be segregated on-site and identified as non-conformant to prevent its inappropriate use.

The NCR shall be numbered as follows: QA-XXX-NCR-YYY-ZZZ

Where:   XXX –

Download the process for complete details

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