About Us: Quality in Construction means Do it for the first time! It is too expensive and inefficient to come back and do it all over again. Quality Construction done on time is the key to successful Construction projects and happy customers. One of the definitions of Quality in Construction itself is to Finish the Project within the allotted budget and agreed time frame. 

Importance of Quality In Construction Sites

Fulfilling Quality Requirements, Codes And Regulations

Construction quality control helps to construct the project in accordance with the construction drawings and design details while also delivering to the client a project that meets and exceeds their standards and specifications.

Satisfaction of consumers

Confidence of consumers/customers in the builders is of utmost important and a quality management system on any project enhance the trust on developers by them

Avoid Rework and Reduce Costs & Time

Defects or failures in constructed facilities can result in very large costs. Even with minor defects, re-construction may be required and facility operations impaired. Construction quality control can help to reduce construction costs by lowering levels of waste and rework, cutting costs, and improving productivity and production efficiency.

What you will find inside

qualityandconstruction.com provides you with the means to implement a satisfactory Quality Control system in civil construction projects. It includes blogs on QA and QC, Method Statements for different activities, Inspection and Test Plans for different works, Processes, and Procedures in order to implement Quality Management System in any project or organization

Blogs on QA &QC

Insights on topics related to construction quality. Experts in different fields sharing their inputs and best practices to be followed in order to ensure minimizing risks and avoid non-conformance.

Method Statements

Method statements are an integral part of project management. Learn and implement how to carry out work in a systematic manner complying with requirements including safety.

Inspection and Test Plans

Inspection and Test plans are master documents that control the quality of the project requirement. These ITPs were prepared based on the prevailing standards such IS, CPWD, AWS, etc

Processes and Procedures

Quality Management System is based on processes and procedures. Go through the best yet simple documents as a reference for your needs.

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