This site viz QualityandConstruction.com intends to provide documents on a chargeable basis that may find helpful for the visitors/users to use in their own professional work.

Users can download the required documents by using the Pay Button option on the downloadable documents

Once the “pay now” – option is selected users will be directed for payment getaway block where payment can be done through net banking or debit/credit card or another digital payment mode like wallet options such as Paytm, Google pay, etc. You can choose the desired payment option and proceed.

Once the payment is successful, the payment box will be directed to a success button and once the user will click on the same, it will be directed to the download directly. Users are requested to save the downloaded file on the computer before it will be directed back to the homepage. Users will also get a payment confirmation slip and can keep the same for reference.

In case the payment is not successful due to any reason users will get a display on the “status of failure” in payment.

In case none of the above two happens, and/or there is a longer delay in any response from the system, then if you have not proceeded with payment and not given card detail you may proceed from the beginning again and start the payment process again.

In case users have given all the debit/credit card details or net baking authorization for payment, and have not got any response, please check with bankers or credit card companies and see if your account is debited. If your bank account/cc is debited, please don’t make any attempt to pay again.

In any case, users won’t be directed to the download page or unable to get the document due to any other reasons, users can contact the administrator with transaction reference id, and requested files will be e-mailed within 3 days of receipt of the e-mail.

However, if your account is not debited in the bank, you have to make the payment and get payment successful confirmation.


The details provided by users shall be utilized only for the purpose of receiving the payments only. All data shall be kept secure, and shall not be divulged to anyone or utilized for any other purpose.


There is no cancellation option for the end users after payment is made. In case of duplicate payment, users can contact the admin for a refund with proof of the transaction reference/ your bank statement. Refunds will be processed within 10-15 working days, the respective payment gateway will send back to the issuing bank [user’s card banker] in batches for processing, which should approximately take 8-15 working days, depending on issuing bank policies.